In fact, what is cold wax medium?

"Since I discovered the cold wax medium in my search for other painting techniques, I have been experimenting and painting with the cold wax medium and became completely hooked! It is such a wonderful medium which gives so much more freedom to express your creative self than the traditional oil paints. I have seen it happen to all my students,  lost at first at all the possibilities, gaining confidence in the technique and becoming beautiful creative artists with trust in the process!"

'Trust the Process'

Cold wax medium

Cold wax medium is a medium that thickens the paint and ads consistency and transparency to you oil paints. It is a layering technique, which creates history and depth in your painting.

I have created small tutorials about the tools we use, the substrates, the paints and the drawing materials, so you can start there!

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Did you know we hardly use any brushes when painting with Cold Wax Medium? We can use soft pastels and oil sticks for scribbling? Throw in some pigments? In this guide you will find all about the tools, substrates, paints, pigments and more!

Can I make the cold wax myself?

You can make the cold wax medium yourself, it is not that difficult!
You will find the recipe below.

"I really encourage you to experiment, to explore the medium, try out the techniques, enjoy the process and not to rush to the final painting.
Don't think about the end result, put on some music and play!

How do I learn how to paint with cold wax medium?

I will help you to go from a frustrated, dabbling artist to a confident creative cold wax artist!

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Marina Teding van Berkhout

Hi, it is so nice to meet you! I am Marina - your painting guide on the figurative cold wax painting journey!

I am so happy that you came to visit me here on my website and I would love to connect with you! A bit about me: I am a Dutch professional artist, living in the South of France with my family and lovely dog Tessa. I am passionate about painting with cold wax medium. My whole creative process changed the day that I discovered the medium and so will yours!    My studio is surrounded by olive trees and lavender bushes and has a wonderful view! My inspiration comes from old crumbled walls and weathered shutters which I translate into my own unique painting process. I love to give my figurative paintings a sort of abstract but dreamy vibe by leaving out the details and leave room for the viewer to make his own a story. Whether you are here for my art or my online classes, I hope you enjoy looking around on my website!

I will answer some of your questions...

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Yes, there is. Some are a bit softer than others. Gamblins cold wax is quite soft, Zest-it is quite stiff. I like the wax to be firm so I often mix a bit of marble dust into the wax when I am using Gamblin. 

Yes, and it is not that difficult! Now that the cold wax medium is out of stock almost everywhere in Europe I make my own. You can find the recipe on my website

Not at all! Although many cold wax painters love to do abstracts, I adapted the process to my figurative painting style and do portraits, figures, flowers and more!

My most asked question and difficult to answer! It all depends on how thick your layers are, whether you use student or artist grade paint, whether  you live in a humid environment, on what support you are painting etc. You have to test yourself. I usually can work on a layer the next day if it is on paper and after a few days if it is on panel. 

Yes, you can. Either store it in small containers with a lid or cover your palette with plastic cling film

At the moment I love the Neocolor II's and pan pastels but when I started I used R&F pigment sticks a lot. 

I use stencils, home made or bought (I love the ones from Stencilgirl!), embossed wall paper which I press into my wet paint, a skewer to scribble, stamps, silicon brushes and more! Check out my YouTube video on the texture tools!

I have put my most asked questions in a PDF

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