Water based cold wax medium
and Acrylics

One of my most asked questions (after 'How long does it take for a layer to dry?) is 'I am an acrylic painter, I can't stand the smell of oil paint, can I mix cold wax medium with acrylic paints?' And unfortunately the answer is NO, You Can't. 
BUT I found a water based cold wax medium which can be mixed with acrylics and can be a solution to those who only paint in acrylics but want to create beautiful textured and layered paintings.

In this mini- class, I explore the possibilities of this new water based medium while painting a portrait. I loved to experiment with all the different techniques and will certainly do more!

While exploring the medium, you will learn:

  • How to use the water based cold wax medium
  • How to create an exiting background
  • Which drawing tools you can use
  • To use opaque and transparent paints and inks
  • How to paint a portrait on a busy background
  • and more......

Course Curriculum

Grab the Water-based cold wax Art Supply Guide for Free!

Did you know there's a water-based cold wax that works great with acrylics? It helps create stunning layered and textured paintings. Take a look at my art supply list to see the tools I use to achieve these fantastic effects!

FULL ONLINE CLASS on Water-based Cold Wax


 I am Marina, your painting guide!

I am passionate about painting representational art in cold wax, first in oils and now in acrylics too. I love sharing my new adventure with you!

Painting with cold wax has changed my creative process enormously, I love creating texture and layering with transparent colours to create an exciting background for my subject. I am even exploring abstracts now!

I love to play, explore and experiment and I hope you will join me.  I love to talk to other cold wax lovers (oil or acrylics) too, so don't hesitate to contact me!

I would love to dive into water based cold wax painting!!