Want to learn how to mix like a PRO?

Join the 5 Day Colour Bootcamp!

You can start whenever you are ready! 

COLOUR | 5 Day Colour Bootcamp

Are you frustrated because your colours turn into mud? Want to learn about colour mixing? Join this class and learn to mix like a Pro!

Want to learn how to mix like a PRO?

Then this 5 Day Colour Bootcamp is for you!!

Getting frustrated because you can't mix the colours you want?
Do your colours turn into mud?

When you finished this Bootcamp, you know:

How to talk like a colour pro!
How to mix like a colour pro!
How to pick your palette like a colour pro!

"I will take a warm transparent colour to glaze over this cool opaque background and then use a limited palette of single pigmented paints with I mix with Titanium white to get different values. `I will use a beautiful transparent Burnt Umber to darken my colours and then mix the colours in between to make a colour bridge "

How does the class work?

As soon as you signed up, you will have access to the first module, (all pre-registered) then a new module will be released every day. By spreading the content over 5 days, I hope that you won't skip the exercises, they are very important (and fun to do too) and will make you a better and more confident artist!
By the end of this class, you will have a firm understanding of colour, value, temperature and you will mix your colours with confidence!

The class is not a cold wax class but a colour mixing class so can be done in any medium, oils, acrylics or even watercolour! 
All the videos are prerecorded and you can watch them over and over again. 

Schedule of your Colour Bootcamp

  • Day 1 Colour Wheel 
  • Day 2 Colour Value  
  • Day 3 Colour Opacity
  • Day 4 Colour Temperature 
  • Day 5 Colour Mixing and Matching

INCLUDED in the Bootcamp:

The expert guide to colour mixing!

Here is a sneak peak of all the fun Modules in this course!

 Module 1

Colour Wheel

In this first module we talk about the importance of the colour wheel, learn about single and multi pigmented paint and what the label on your paints tell you. We will paint a colour wheel and mix some beautiful neutrals!

 Module 2

Colour Value and Bridges

Did you know value is more important than colour in a painting? In Module 2 we discuss values and colour bridges and make beautiful colour charts that can serve as a reference!

 Module 3

Colour Opacity

Are your paints opaque or transparent? My absolute favourite paints are transparent because when used for glazing they give a beautiful glow to your painting! But Opaque colours are important too. In this Module you will learn the difference and how to see if your paint is Opaque or Transparent.

 Module 4

Colour Temperature

Is your colour warm or cool? It is all relative! Mixing warm and cool colours give a completely different result, we will mix our own greens and you will see the difference!

 Module 5

Colour Mixing and Matching

In this last Module everything comes together. We will mix harmonious and limited palettes that will help you pick your colours with confidence for future paintings.

After this class you know:

  • Everything about Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Colours
  • How to read and use a Colour Wheel
  • How to mix a value chart from light to dark
  • How to create colour bridges
  • How to read a paint label
  • The difference between single and multiple pigment paints
  • Which colours are warm or cool
  • How to create a harmonious colour palette with limited colours
  • How to Mix beautiful greens with warm and cool yellows and blues
  • Which of your colours are Transparent and Opaque 
  • and more!

Join me in this 5 Day Colour Bootcamp!

 During 5 days, we will dive deep into colour theory! You will learn how to mix beautiful colours, create a harmonious colour palette without creating mud! The modules are pre-recorded so you can watch and rewatch the modules when ever you want!

"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment"




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  • Videos
  • Exercises
  • Support
  • Community

 If you don't know me yet, I am Marina, your painting guide!

I am passionate about painting representational art in cold wax and oils. While teaching my passion, I noticed that many of my students became very frustrated when mixing colours that turned into mud. That gave me the idea to make this 5 day colour bootcamp, a class where we go back to the basics of colour mixing. This is not a cold wax class but can be done in any medium.

 I will help you overcome the struggle of colour mixing and show you how to mix your colours with confidence!


No need to buy new oil paints, use whatever colours and tools you have and get to know them well! Are they transparent or opaque, warm or cool?

Your 5 Day Colour Bootcamp

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this Bootcamp, as soon as you signed up you will have access to the first module, painting the colour wheel. After that, a new module will be released every day. By spreading the content over 5 days, you will have time to do the exercises one by one. 

This is not a cold wax class but can be done in oils, acrylics or watercolours! Whatever painting technique you prefer, it is super important to know the properties of your colours!

The Bootcamp is for all levels! Even seasoned artists struggle with colour mixing and it is always good to back to the basics. I loved doing the exercises and learned a lot on the way!

Yes, the videos of the BOOTCAMP are prerecorded and you can watch and enjoy the videos whenever you have time! 

Yes, although this is not a cold wax class, I encourage you to share all your questions and beautiful work in the private Facebook group "Cold Wax Creative Community". You can also post your work on instagram, using the #coldwaxcreatives

I recommend using the paints that you already have, this class is all about getting to know your colours! You will need mixed media or oil paper to do the exercises or a good sketchbook with thick paper. 

Yes, you will need a good internet connection to view the video content for this course. 

Unfortunately, once you are enrolled in the course I am unable to offer a refund. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions about the course prior to signing up.  

You get lifetime access to the classroom and videos. "Lifetime" technically means for as long as my business is up and running. You can watch the videos within the classroom as many times as you wish. Make sure that your internet connection allows you to smoothly stream high resolution videos online. Refunds will not be made after registration.

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