Painting flowers in Cold Wax Medium and Oils

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Discover abstract flower painting in cold wax and oils, let's make the world more colourful!

Always wanted to paint in cold wax & oils?

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I'm excited to offer you this online class for free! In this class, I'll guide you through the tools and art supplies we use when painting with cold wax, demonstrating how to create beautiful textured and layered surfaces and transform them into a vase of flowers!

Mixing cold wax into your oil paints is a special way of painting. It lets you create layers with textures and depth in your art. You can also add soft pastels, pan pastels, and other drawing tools, making it a bit like mixed media. Unlike regular oil paint, the usual rule 'fat over lean' doesn't apply when you mix cold wax. This gives you the freedom to be more creative. There are so many possibilities!  

Feel free to try new things and discover the wonderful ways of using cold wax medium. I believe you'll love it just as much as I do after this lesson!

 Thank you for sharing this class with your art friends!


In this lesson, I will guide you, step by step, in creating these abstract flowers with Cold Wax Medium on a vibrant background by employing the cold wax and oil techniques as well as negative painting. Learn about the tools we use and create beautiful textured layers before adding the vase of flowers. 

Painting Flowers in cold wax medium
Marina Teding van Berkhout

 I am Marina, your painting guide!

I am passionate about painting figurative art in cold wax and oils and I love to share my passion with you!

I became absolute hooked on painting with cold wax medium and it has changed my creative process enormously.

Although we see a lot of abstract painters using the medium, it is absolutely possible to paint representational with the cold wax medium!  In my classes you will find theory, exercises and step by step projects that will help you in your cold wax journey, whether you are a starter or an advanced cold wax painter. 

Beautiful Bloom Art Supplies


No need to buy everything on the list, use whatever colours and tools you have! In fact, to start you only need Cold Wax Medium, oil paper (or gessoed watercolour paper) and an old credit card to apply the paint!


I am so excited to share this lesson with you and I hope you will have fun painting these Abstract Flowers with me!

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them"




  • Paint in cold wax & oils
  • Work with a limited palette
  • Learn about the negative  painting technique 
  • Create a colourful bunch of flowers!
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I fell in love with the process of using cold wax in my oil painting because of Marina’s class! The videos made me feel as if I was right there, in Marina’s beautiful studio, while she patiently taught me step by step. Her love of the creative process shines and spills over onto her students. By the end of the series, I knew I wanted to push my limits and see how far I could go by experimenting with cold wax in my paintings. I felt she gave us all the freedom to use this medium in various ways and gave lots of examples along the way to help us see just what cold wax can do

Linda L.