A different approach
to portrait painting.

💚Discover the magic of portrait painting in cold wax and oils with in this special Signature course!
Marina's guidance will help you to create textured portraits that tell a story 


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A sneak peek into the class

Discover the magic of painting portraits in both Oils and Cold Wax Medium with "Portraits in Cold Wax and Oils"!
Learn different ways to draw portraits, understand proportions, mix skin colours, and explore layering techniques.  

You'll watch me create two full portraits and enjoy some bonus projects too.

Join me in this class and let's explore drawing, layering, and painting portraits together!

Painting PORTRAITS in cold wax & oils

Painting Portraits is my absolute passion and I love to share my methods with you! 

"And painted portraits have a life of their own that comes from deep in the soul of the painter"

Vincent van Gogh

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 Module 1

Drawing the Face

Before we start painting, it is important to know the basic principles of drawing the face and the features. We will study the proportions of the head and draw each of the features, it will help you in your painting process later on!

 Module 2

Values and Colour mixing

Did you know that the values in your painting are more important than the colours? In this chapter we will discuss values, shapes and mix some beautiful skin colours!

 Module 3

Me, myself and I

In this lesson, we are going to paint a Selfie. We will first paint a monochrome underpainting, keeping an eye on our shapes and values and then add some colour by glazing our painting with a beautiful warm transparent colour.

 Module 4

Fabulous Face

This process is different from what we did in the previous lesson. We will first create a beautiful textured background before adding the portrait. Of course I will guide you through the whole layered painting process!

 Module 5

Bonus: Painting and Procreate

I couldn't resist adding not one but two bonus projects! I love playing with Procreate to get colour and compositional ideas for my portraits and I really wanted to share with you how I paint on my textured background without getting my hands dirty!

 Module 6

Bonus: A portrait in charcoal & cold wax

The second bonus project is a fun way to add some colour to your charcoal portrait! We will first draw a portrait in charcoal, layer it with a clear layer of cold wax and then add some colour!

What you will take away:

  • Proportions of the face and the features
  • How to paint portraits using cold wax and oils
  • Different ways to draw a portrait
  • How to mix skin colours
  • How to paint a monochrome underpainting before adding colour
  • How to create beautiful layered backgrounds
  • How to transfer your drawing to your painting
  • How to create beautiful textures
  • Explore working with Cold Wax & Oils
  • and so much more!
Drawing a portrait

"I usually paint florals in oils and abstracts in encaustics. I wanted to merge these two and paint faces again. Marina workshop was an answer to this desire. I loved the refresher she gave at the beginning of the workshop of perspectives and portions since it had been  awhile for me and painting faces. Her actual painting and explanation of how to use cold wax with oils along with her sharing her techniques was so informative and practical enough to follow along. Her teaching style was not a rigid one but one of encouraging exploration and  individual preferences. I would look into taking other workshops from her. Thank you Marina"

Linda S.

Marina Teding van Berkhout

Hi, it is so nice to meet you!  I am Marina - your creative guide on the cold wax painting journey

I am happy that you found my little corner on the internet! I am a professional artist and I have taught hundreds of artists how to paint in cold wax and oils. This class on portraits is special to me as it combines my two passions, painting portraits and painting in oils and cold wax medium.

I really love to connect with all my students who enrolled in my classes, so feel free to send me a message with all your questions, works in progress and finished paintings.
Looking forward to working with you!,
With love, Marina

 "I found the course to be one of the best I have done so far. I have some knowledge and experience with cold wax but the knowledge and techniques you share and demonstrate in your videos were comprehensive and easy to follow. I loved creating interesting and textured backgrounds for my portraits and look forward to practicing more now that I have the videos to study at my own pace. One again I think the course is well worth getting" 

Lesley H



Instant access - pre recorded videos - step by step projects - direct contact with Marina 

Look at these fabulous portraits,
made in class!